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The steps you take immediately after a truck accident can help a truck accident lawyer whom Kootenai County, ID residents trust get you fair compensation for your injuries. Although you likely feel traumatized and scared, remaining as calm as possible will help you take steps that could assure that you can later present a claim to the insurance company. Follow these guidelines to get your case moving in the correct direction right from the start.

Call the police

After an accident, you should contact the police as soon as possible. When they arrive to the accident scene, they will write down details about the accident and include that information in their report. If the police ask you questions, stick to the facts. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the police report afterward.

Take photos

Clear photos of the accident scene may be one of the most important pieces of evidence you can gather for your truck accident lawyer in Kootenai County, ID. If you’re not too badly hurt, take several photos of the damage that has been done to your car, even if it’s just a minor scratch.

Talk to witnesses 

Were there any witnesses present at the time of the accident? If so, asking them for their names and contact information may help your case. It’s possible that one of the witnesses saw something during the accident that provides proof that the other driver was at fault. Your truck accident lawyer whom Kootenai County, ID relies on may call these witnesses at trial or present their statements to the insurance claims adjuster.

Seek medical care right away

You should make an appointment to see a doctor about your injuries as soon as possible. He should assess the extent of your injuries and give you copies of your medical records that you can share with your Kootenai County, ID truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer can use these medical records as proof that you were hurt during the accident and deserve to be fairly compensated.

In addition, you should follow your doctor’s treatment instructions. If you fail to adhere to these instructions, the judge or jury may not believe that you are as hurt as you claim to be.

Ask your lawyer the right questions

During your first consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Kootenai County, ID come with a list of detailed questions. The answers a truck accident lawyer in Kootenai County, ID gives will help you determine if he is the right person to represent you. These types of cases can be complex, so it may be best to work with a lawyer who has extensive personal injury experience.

It is also wise to ask a lawyer about his legal fees. Some attorneys might work on a contingency basis, while others may charge an hourly or flat fee. If a truck accident lawyer whom Kootenai County, ID respects works on a contingency fee, you will only pay attorney fees if you win your case. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure that his fees fit your budget.

If you are in search of a truck accident lawyer in Kootenai County, ID contact a law firm today.

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