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The Awful Reality Of Bicycle Accidents

The Awful Reality Of Bicycle Accidents

Most bike accidents are the cause of heavy traffic, particularly in the city, especially urban areas with a high population of people. Not only is the amount of population a contributing factor, but the bigger cities usually have more schools and colleges, which can cause faculty and students alike to become victims in bicycle accidents on their way to and from a learning facility. But bike accidents can happen to anyone and almost anywhere that involves a bicyclist sharing that same path with a motorist.

Aside from rush hour traffic, there are reports that many bicycle accidents happen at corners, intersections, and driveways. Bicyclists can make mistakes too, but they are more likely to be cautious compared to motorists, because they know they are more vulnerable to sustaining serious injury if an accident were to occur. And on the other hand, motorists can become overconfident with their driving abilities, and may take unneeded risks that end up causing bike accidents. As a bicycle accident lawyer Anaheim, CA residents trust from Glotzer & Leib, LLP can attest, the injuries that bike accident victims commonly sustain include:


  • Traumatic brain injuries, such as concussion, contusions, brain bleeding, brain inflammation, and more
  • Broken bones and ribs, which may cause damage to internal organs
  • Wounds, burns, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Puncture wounds from bike parts or other objects on the road
  • Spinal cord damage that can result in partial or total paralysis
  • Mental anguish, where the victim may need mental health support to combat new fears related to riding their bike and being in public around drivers

Sadly, many motorists don’t really like bicyclists because of the inconvenience they cause drivers on the road. Bicyclists are then forced to defend against drivers who are reckless and show disregard for their presence. The reality is that many bicycle accident injuries and deaths are preventable, if only a motorist had slowed down, watched out for their surroundings, and taken certain precautions to prevent a tragic incident from happening. But instead, many drivers insist upon gaining the right of way, but it’s important to remember that bicyclists also have the same rights and their presence on the road should be respected too.

Injuries that result from a bicycle accident tend to be severe, and may be fatal in some instances. The victim of a bicycle accident due to the negligence of the driver has much at stake. The justice system provides that reasonable compensation be given to accident victims who suffer from injuries, losses, and damages due to an at-fault party. Unfortunately, many insurance companies fight relentlessly against people seeking restitution for their injuries and loss as well. Due to this reality, victims may need to get a lawyer to protect them and advocate for their rightful compensation. Victims of bicycle accidents deserve restitution for the pain and financial loss they endured due to the negligence or recklessness of a motorist.

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