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Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney After an Accident

Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney After an Accident

Suffering a serious accident can have many negative effects. You’re first thought is probably to treat the injury and recover. You also have to consider the psychological effects and the financial consequences of the incident. It’s safe to say that you have a lot on your plate following something of this magnitude. The situation gets even more complicated if someone else’s negligence caused you to get hurt. You could have valid ground to sue the person and get some relief. If you decide this is the right course, hiring a lawyer is the right move.

Typical Accidents

Everyone will suffer some injury at some point in life. Many of these are minor and cause little to no long-term effects. However, when another party deliberately hurts you or does so because of poor judgment, you may be entitled to legal help to recover losses. Car accidents are perhaps the most common example. If another driver is under the influence, driving recklessly or breaking the law, your safety could be at risk. Other common personal injuries occur in slip and fall, dog bites and workplace incidents. In all of these cases, your injuries could be life-changing, and the recovery could be grueling and expensive.

Working With the Insurance Company

Even caring for moderate injuries can incur big medical bills. Your health insurance (and auto insurance if you’re in a vehicle collision) should honor its policy and cover its rightful portion of your costs. Sometimes, your insurance agent may encourage you to not hire an attorney. The insurance company may do this because its representatives know that skilled, experienced attorneys will make sure the company doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to giving you a fair settlement. While it is true that you do not have to hire a lawyer, it is always prudent to do so when negligence was involved in your accident.

The Benefits of Working With a Lawyer

A competent personal injury lawyer understands how to move your case from beginning to end. Your lawyer will work closely with the insurance company and the defendant to make sure you are treated fairly and get just compensation for your injuries. While your lawyer handles the challenging work of building your case, you can focus on getting well again. Your lawyer will not let the insurance company push you around or delay settling your claim.

Working with a lawyer, like an injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN, can give you the financial help you need during this difficult time. Even if your insurance agent tells you that you shouldn’t hire an attorney, schedule a consultation with a legal professional to discuss your case.

Thank you to the experts at Ward & Ward Law Firm, for their insight into personal injury law.

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