Most Common Reasons for Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents in Texas

With more than 20 million registered cars, Texas sees a lot of traffic on its thousands of miles of roadways. While the chances of an accident are not that high, they do still happen. Auto accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but there are some ways that can help to avoid them. If you have been in an accident and are wondering about your next steps, then it is important to know that Texas is a modified comparative fault state. This means that if you are found to be responsible for 51% of the accident or more, then you will not be able to receive compensation. However, if you are found to be at fault for under 49% or less, you should be eligible for some sort of compensation. An auto accident lawyer from a firm like John K. Zaid & Associates, can answer any questions you may have.

Why do Most Accidents Happen?

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is due to distraction. Many people think that they have their driving under control and can look down at their cellphones for a few seconds. This could be to read a message, change a song, or to answer a call. Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds to cause an accident. During that distracted time a car in front of you could stop and before you even know it you hit them. 

Another common reason for car accidents is due to negligence. This could be in the form of someone driving drunk, driving when they are exhausted or reckless driving. Accidents can occur for a number of reasons, but these are some of the most common.

How to Protect Yourself from an Accident

One of the most important ways of protecting yourself from an auto accident is to free yourself from any distractions. That text message you really want to answer can wait a little while longer as many people have died as a result of texting while driving. Your life is more important than a message on your phone. It’s also important to know your energy levels before or during driving. If you feel you are too tired to drive and that you may fall asleep at the wheel, then don’t even consider driving. All it takes is one time to cause an accident that could cause you or somebody else severe injuries or damages.