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Common Mistakes To Avoid After A Dog Bite

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Getting bitten by a dog is a frightening experience. If you were bitten by someone else’s dog, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. However, you have to take the necessary steps after the incident to ensure your right to compensation.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid after suffering a dog bite.

Not Talking to the Dog Owner

After a dog bite attack, it’s understandable that you may be feeling shocked and angry. You may not even want to talk to the dog’s owner, whether it is a stranger or someone you know. However, if you want to obtain compensation for your injury, it’s important to communicate with the owner. Some states have strict liability dog bite laws, which means the dog owner will be legally responsible unless you trespassed or instigated the attack.

You’ll want to obtain the owner’s full name and contact information right away. Although you may be angry, try to remain calm. Yelling or screaming at the owner will only make the situation more stressful.

Forgetting to Take Photos

Dog bite injuries are usually obvious and visible. However, as a Santa Monica, CA dog bite attorney can confirm, these injuries often improve over time. That’s why you’ll want to take photos of your injury immediately to show its initial severity. If you are too hurt to do it yourself, ask a family member or friend for assistance.

Delaying Medical Care

Dog bite injuries can result in many complications, including infection, rabies, broken bones and disfigurement. That’s why it’s essential to seek immediate emergency medical care. However, some dog bite victims may delay medical care if their injury seems mild. This can be a mistake. Even if the bite was light, it is a smart idea to be checked out by a medical provider. Your injury may be more serious than you think. A doctor should assess your injury and then recommend the proper treatment. Besides jeopardizing your health, delaying medical care could potentially hurt your injury claim.

Saying That Everything Is Fine

Let’s say that you get bitten by a family member or friend’s dog. You may be tempted to say that everything is okay to avoid hard feelings. Our friends at Cohen Legal will advise that doing this may harm your injury claim. It’s unwise to make these types of statements after getting bitten by a dog.

Talking to the Insurance Company

After a dog bite injury, the owner’s insurance company may contact you and ask you questions about your case. Do not provide details about your injuries. The insurance company may try to look for anything to devalue your case. Instead, direct them to speak to your attorney.

Not Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bite injury cases can be very complex, so you don’t want to handle yours on your own. If you do, you could end up settling for a lower amount. An experienced attorney will know how much your case is worth and help you fight for fair compensation.

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