Car Accident Lawyer

With more and more vehicles hitting the roads for daily commutes, the likelihood that you’ll get in an accident is increasing. In some cases, you’ll be the victim of another driver’s negligence, whether they were driving under the influence of alcohol or distracted by texting. You’ll need to know what steps to take at the scene of the accident, as well as how to follow-up in a punctual manner if you’re aiming to file a claim.

Immediately After the Accident

No matter who is at fault, take down details of everyone involved, what exactly happened, and any witness statements that may be necessary for later use. Do the following to ensure you’re covering all your bases:

  • Call the police: the police can provide a statement of the incident based on evidence they gather at the scene to determine fault; that may later be used by insurance companies or in court if the case becomes a lawsuit
  • Inform your insurance company: call you insurance company and let them know what happened even if you don’t think the accident was your fault
  • Obtain the other driver’s information: note their contact information and insurance policy
  • Write down details and take pictures: taking statements from people who witnessed the accident and getting pictures can provide substantial evidence in court if you need to prove who was at fault

Talking to Your Insurance Provider

It’s key to discuss details with your insurance company so that they have a statement on record for later use. Keep a file of any documents they give you and take notes of what you discussed. Even if you think the accident was your fault, never say so. Only recite the facts of the accident.

Filing a Lawsuit

You may find yourself the victim of someone else’s bad driving, in which case you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth your time to file a lawsuit. This decision is based on if you were injured, how much time you spent in medical care, lost hours at work, and any extra medical expenses and pain and suffering you endured. Filing a lawsuit can acquire compensation for all of these, but it will require evidence that the other driver was at fault and that you were harmed because of it. You should act on this quickly, however, as many states have a one to two-year statute of limitations for how long after the accident you can file a lawsuit.

Consulting a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN is your best bet when you feel you didn’t get the compensation you deserved from an insurance company. Finding one to defend your case can ease the burden of navigating tricky laws and get you back on your feet.

Thanks to Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC for their insight into personal injury claims and what to know about filing a car accident claim.