Ice Slip and Falls

Winter time brings family, joy, and several gifts. The snow is also a gift to some, it falls so beautifully from the sky, and the snowmen and angels are so fun to make. Unfortunately, the snow can also cause severe auto accidents as well as lead to major injuries. If you are not prepared, the winter months can be your worst enemy. However, snow is not the only thing you should be worried about. The wintertime also brings rain, which converts to ice once it reaches the ground. Ice is sometimes impossible to notice if you are not paying close attention, if you were to slip and fall on this ice the injuries can range from a simple scratch to broken bones.

If you were to fall on ice, depending on where the occurrence took place, there may be someone else responsible that is not the injured party. If you were to slip and fall on ice or snow on a private or publicly owned property, the owner of said property may be seen as liable for the damages caused to you. Should you or someone you know suffer an injury due to a slip and fall on ice, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party.

Common slip and falls occur in shaded areas that tend to keep a low temperature that will hold the ice for longer than an area that is frequently accessed or sees more sun. For this reason, should you gain access to a property, the property owner has a responsibility to maintain their sidewalks and shaded areas if their property is open to the public. When property owners do this, this will lessen the chances of the property owner facing any premise liability lawsuits due to an individual’s injury. Much like any other premise’s liability incident, if there is clear liability case may be impenetrable. This means you cannot play any part in your injury. Just as the property owner has an obligation to keep their property safe, you have an obligation to practice safety as well. If you are running, or playing, or simply not paying attention, it will be hard to place all of the responsibility on a property owner.

Should you or a loved one be a victim of a slip and fall on ice, speak with a skilled premise’s liability and personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA to see how strong your case is. Chances are, you can be compensated for your injuries while you focus on regaining your original health.


Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and slip and falls involving ice.