Working in a warehouse can have some safety concerns. You operate (or work near) heavy machinery, lift heavy objects, and work long hours on your feet. While no one wants to think of getting injured at work, it can happen – especially in the warehouse. Some of the most common warehouse injuries are straining your back from lifting heavy objects or falling. And while the injury may seem minor at the time, it’s imperative for you to consider seeing a chiropractor to help treat your injuries.


Why see a chiropractor?


First, let’s discuss why you should see a chiropractor in the first place. Many people don’t consider seeing a chiropractor after being in a work accident. However, there are many health benefits to seeing a chiropractor.  


A chiropractor can help treat the unseen injuries caused by your work accident. These are injuries such as inflammation of the joints or muscles, a slipped disc, pinched nerve, or misaligned spine. While you may not notice these injuries at the time of the accident, if you start feeling sore a few days after the fall, there’s a good chance you have some unseen injuries.


These injuries can be treated by a chiropractor in a non-invasive way. They perform a series of small adjustments to your spine to get it back into the proper alignment. This releases the pressure from your joints and muscles, therefore relieving any pain.


You can also experience long-term benefits by seeing a chiropractor. Not only will they treat the injuries from your fall or other work accident, but having good spine health will help you in the long term. Chiropractic care can relieve pain throughout your entire body (not just the problem areas). It can also help you achieve the full range of motion throughout your body. For example, if your injury resulted in a stiff neck or limited motion in your neck, chiropractic adjustments can restore that movement for you. Plus, adjustments can also help with good nutrition and prevent or relieve headaches.


How can seeing a chiropractor help your workers’ compensation case?


After an accident, many people will only go to the hospital for treatment. However, sometimes these unseen injuries to your spine or joints can cause long-term pain or symptoms. And if they aren’t taken care of right away, they could result in a serious health problem in the future.


If you are filing a workers compensation claim (or are in the process of filing a workers’ compensation case in court), you should consider seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor will take detailed records of their x-rays, diagnosis, and treatment plan and give them to your attorney. Seeing a chiropractor will give you more of an accurate estimate of your medical bills for your workers’ compensation case. You wouldn’t want to unknowingly have an injury with an expensive treatment and not include it in your workers’ compensation claim.

Make sure that if you decide to see a chiropractor Takoma Park, MD offers that you make your appointment sooner rather than later. In workers’ compensation claims, you have a deadline for when you need to file your paperwork, so you will want to make sure you have all of your expected expenses documented early.   


Thank you to our friends and contributors at AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care and the benefits of chiropractic treatment after a workplace injury.