Just as we have doctors, there are specific doctors who are tasked with chore of maintaining the health of our various cats, dogs, snakes, gerbils, etc.   A veterinarian is a pet doctor.  Veterinarians are likely those that love animals and want nothing more than to be the voice of those without one and bring peace and healing to those who cannot articulate what is wrong.  You could imagine even with the greatest level of car, accidents happen and our pets are sometimes harmed, or even killed due to the mistake of the exact person elected to care for them, the veterinarian.

A claim of negligence on the part of your veterinarian arises when there is a misdiagnosis, a failure to implement the necessary care to ensure that the animal is not in harms’ way.  It is the job of the vet to ensure that your pet is taken care of and successfully returned to their original bill of health preceding an accident or regular check up.  While it may not be clearly defined by the average lay person, malpractice is a standard of legal liability that applies only to professionals. Veterinarians are now accepted as one of those categories subject to the standard of care mirroring that of a doctor who works on people.  Because most people are not attorneys, an experienced attorney, like a personal injury attorney Atlanta GA trusts, can aid you in determining whether or not malfeasance has come at the hands of your veterinarian.  An attorney will review the facts to determine if the course of legal action is malpractice, negligence, gross negligence, or intentional negligence.

If you have lost a pet due to the negligence or misdiagnosis by your veterinarian, you may be due monetary compensation for your loss.  The only way to be certain of the laws in your state and to quickly have the situation accessed, you must reach out to an attorney in your area who can better advise you on the matter.  An attorney will be able to better explain the act of negligence which prevalent in cases where a veterinarian fails to maintain the safety of your pet.  Because veterinary malpractice is a form of personal injury, an attorney with personal injury experience will be able to review the facts of the case and direct you on what will happen next.   Your attorney will be able pinpoint the issue, determine what your options are, and with your help, devise a course of action that will aid in getting you the compensation you deserve.

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