Car Accident Lawyer

Gathering information after an accident of any sort could be a second thought. A lot of times in there is high adrenaline afterwards and people forget to get information, or some people are not able to gather their own information due to injuries. Evidence is not just proving that the defendant is at fault, but also that you have pain and that there are damages.

Proving who is at fault for the accident could be difficult or simple. Each case is different and many possible outcomes. Sometimes the defendant could even admit fault at the scene. There are a few ways that can be used to determine who was at fault for the accident. This could include, video, witnesses, and a police report. You are always able to go down to your police station and get a physical copy of the police report once available.

Always make sure that you and your party is safe after an accident. Immediately call the police and have them come out and make a police report. Having them come out is always beneficial in clearing up liability as well, among other things. If you can, talk to them and let them know what happened if you aren’t sure who is at fault. Once you have checked on everyone and contacted the police, get out and start taking photos of the surrounding area and the damage to each vehicles. Take photos of any injuries, skid marks, anything that you may think could be used to prove the defendant is at fault. Take pictures of defendant information and witness information. Keep these photos in a safe location that you can get to later down the road in case your case has to go to trial.

Evidence is not only pictures and video, it is also medical bills and records. Getting medical treatment in a timely manner is imperative to helping your case. Medical records will show the damages to your person that someone else caused as a result of negligence. Generally you will be sent to more than one provider, even if it is an MRI or X-ray. Make sure to gather all bills and records from every provider you were sent to for the accident.

There are lesser known ways to prove your case through evidence. Including mileage to and from medical providers. lost wages from any missed time off could be added in for expenses. Keeping a journal of your pain and how it has impacted your life can help paint a clear picture for the insurance company.

Having a personal injury attorney can help you through the process of a motor vehicle accident claim. They handle all contact with the insurance company and can help you get started on medical treatment. A car accident lawyer Arlington, TX trusts will negotiate your claim and ensure that you get the best settlement possible.


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