Airbags are specifically designed to save lives in the event of a car accident. Airbags have prevented people from suffering severe head trauma and saved the lives of countless people who have fallen victim to a car accident. Despite this, there are situations where injuries have been obtained from an airbag deploying when it shouldn’t have. Sometimes, airbags are triggered when the car is only slightly impacted or when the airbag is either too late or too early when released. Airbag deployment can cause serious injuries when they do not work properly through delayed release or by not releasing at all.

Types of Airbag Injuries


There are two main types of airbag injuries: Frontal Injuries and Internal Injuries.


Cuts and abrasions are a type of frontal injury from an airbag. They should be taken very seriously as lacerations for example, to the face, can result in the need for surgery. Broken limbs are another type of injury that reportedly occurs when airbags deploy. This can include broken arms, fingers or hands, even causing shoulders to be separated. Although in most cases not life threatening, expansive recovery time could be required in addition to medical aid, which could result in lost wages and unforeseen medical expenses.


The most common internal injury reported after an airbag has deployed are related to the back, spine and neck. Such injuries can result from the back being twisted and  leg injuries from not wearing a seatbelt. Whiplash can also occur from the airbag making direct contact with the head.




In the US, the primary automotive recall is the result of faulty airbags. When fatalities occur, it is often the result of a faulty airbag. A recall of over 34 million vehicles with faulty airbags is currently underway. It’s been reported that airbags have deployed while a moving car has not been in any collision at all. This has caused many fatal car accidents. When there is an injury or fatality as the result of a faulty airbag, product liability claims can be filed. If a product liability attorney is able to prove that injuries were sustained as the result of faulty airbag deployment, it is not necessary for the claimant to prove that the manufacturer was negligent.


A lawyer, like an auto accident attorney Salt Lake City UT relies on, will investigate whether or not there was a faulty airbag regardless of the injury sustained from a car accident. When airbag deploys by mistake resulting in a wrongful death or personal injury claim, the airbag is likely defective and at fault.


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